Company Overview

Henry & Steel Ltd is a business and IT consulting firm specifically focused on planning and implementing innovative corporate design solutions with market-leading, mainstream technology platforms which enable businesses to improve performance, drive sustainable growth, and increase profitability.

This company was conceived and founded in 2015 and consists of a robust group of highly innovative, dynamic and experienced professionals with a combined professional experience of more than 50 years, across business facilitation and digital engineering.

Henry & Steel Ltd is a privately owned limited liability company headquartered in the United Kingdom. Our strategic development IT teams have worked with Fortune 500 companies across the globe, including India, US, Switzerland and Germany.

Whilst other business consulting companies share similar visions to us, we set ourselves apart by implementing innovation at all levels of the service and deploying the most capable industry experts who are equipped to relate to each case study both professionally and personally. Thus our experts are not only offering advice or reports but are essentially focusing on the delivery of results through encouraging and coaching clients to meet their set goals and objectives. Our focus niche is the private sector.

Our real strength lies in the delivery of solutions that exceed client expectations, and contained within this is our key objective of maintaining these standards. It is in this way that we seek to build formidable and lasting partnerships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses develop and implement effective and sustainable strategic models, designed to address particular business needs and help them become leaders in their industry.